Don’t Fall!!!

A large number of calls at the Orlando Senior Help Desk (40) 678-9363 come from family members after their loved one has fallen. There are so many reasons a senior may fall such as body weakness, vitamin D Deficiency, Difficulty with waking and balance, medications such as sedatives or anti-depressants, vision issues, foot pain or poor footwear and home hazards such as rugs and cords.

 It is a good idea to have your doctor schedule a Fall Risk Assessment to evaluate your risk of falling and talk about things you can do to reduce your risks. Strength training is highly recommended. Physical therapy is covered by Medicare with a doctor’s prescription and some PT’s come directly to your home or elder-care community. 

While most seniors face major adjustments when transitioning to an elder-care community, Jewish seniors face additional challenges. Not only do they lose their homes, and many of their friends, but they also lose ties to their cultural heritage.  This is where the Jewish Pavilion, a 501c3 non-profit, steps in.  The Pavilion serves as a resource that provides room visits, festive holiday celebrations, and more to 450 Jewish residents in fifty facilities for seniors.  The Jewish Pavilion promotes inclusion, and thousands of seniors of all faiths are welcomed into our programs.

The Orlando Senior Help Desk at the Jewish Pavilion (407-678-9363) helps thousands of callers navigate their way through the daunting senior maze, alleviating caregiver stress while giving advice on all types of elder issues.

By Nancy Ludin, CEO of the Jewish Pavilion