End-of-Life Services

Very few people like to talk about death, but it’s the one common bond that ties every living being together. As such, it is essential to plan for the death of you or your loved ones, including working to secure your finances to ensure a quick transfer of assets to ensuring funeral and burial arrangements are established before you might need them. Orlando Senior Help Desk is here to help you with any needed advice on end-of-life needs.

Elder Law

If you are having issues with seniors you think might need an attorney, we can help connect you with a specialist.

Estate Planning

From a will or a trust, to protecting assets from taxes are all keys to ensuring your legacy is continued on for generations.


At a point, it may become necessary to oversee finances, health care and more for our seniors through a guardianship.

Funeral and Burial

A Jewish funeral has specific customs that are atypical from Christian funerals. We can help you understand before you go.


Without proper estate planning, the law determines what happens with your assets unless you minimize risk.


Shiva is an important part of the ritual surrounding death in the Jewish faith that can help start the process of healing.