Have you heard about Goods and Grace?

Inflation is eating our lunch. Literally.

The cost of food has increased more than 20% over the last few years, which has put a critical strain on the budgets of many.

For the working poor and seniors on fixed incomes, it too often may come to a decision of what—or even if— food can be purchased this week.

Goods and Grace has responded to this urgent need. It’s a community outreach sponsored by St. Luke’s Lutheran Church and School of Oviedo and is supported by several other local charities. Located at 1520 E. SR 436, Casselberry (next to Rug King, just west of 17-92, Bus Stop #1378), Goods and Grace neighborhood store offers nutritious food at an affordable price.

Dr. Tige Culbertson, St. Luke’s Senior Pastor, had previously served in Michigan. There was a lot of poverty there and, in response, he set up a church sponsored free food bank. He noted that those who came to the food bank to receive these needed goods were not exactly happy or even grateful.

He asked why. The answer was surprising:

“We work hard and we don’t want hand-outs. It affects our dignity,” was the universal response.

That answer was clear: the church bought the food and charged their customers less than half of what it cost the church. It was the right solution.

When he accepted the call at St. Luke’s, Pastor Tige (as he is best known) brought with him the plans to replicate Goods and Grace in Seminole county. Mission accomplished! as they opened in the summer of 2023. Their goal now is to spread the word.

How does it work? Pretty simply, really.

You come in and apply for a membership. It is free, but, since Goods and Grace is there to serve lower income families, the organization wants to qualify them. You receive a membership number and shop as you always do.

It has been a God-send for members, easing some of the financial pressure as they deal with their weekly budgets. Goods and Grace is truly a friendly, neighborhood store that is eager to grow and serve even more neighbors, wherever they live in Central Florida.

Presently, Goods and Grace stocks over 360 items of food and personal care products. Every item on the shelves costs less than half what it costs at a local store. Payment can be by cash, debit or credit card. Goods and Grace cannot accept SNAP/food stamps.

Effective April 1, 2024, the hours are:

Wednesdays:          Noon to 7 PM

Fridays:                   Noon to 7 PM

Saturdays:              10 AM to 2 PM


If you would like to know more, visit GoodsandGrace.org, or call Goods and Grace at 407-603-5885.