Insurance Fraud


After a major storm or hurricane you may get a door-to-door sales person telling you that your roof is damaged and their company can repair it after you settle a claim with your insurance company. Someone may even go on top of your roof and break a few shingles and then try to pass it off as storm damage.

Another insurance fraud scenario might be when a contractor disappears. Someone may offer to remove your fallen tree but needs to rent a particular piece of equipment in order to remove it and he may ask you to pay half of the fee before he does the job. These people may take your money and never remove the tree.

Another scam is when you have slight damage to your car windshield and an” insurance adjuster” offers to file a claim for you and instead takes your personal data.

A scam my happen days after you have a parking lot fender bender, and the driver of the car you hit claims he has an injury and places a fake injury claim which can increase your premium payments. Experts recommend that you report all accidents to the police even if they’re minor to protect yourself against these kind of offenses

Tips for playing it safe:

1 Before hiring a contractor, contact your insurance company to file your claim. Ensure that the damage is covered by your policy and be certain your insurance rep inspects the damage before any repairs begin. Work only with reputable contractors who are licensed bonded and insured and check their online reviews. Never prepay more than $1,000 or 10% of the jobs total- that’s the legal maximum.

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