Review Your Estate Plan Today!

Caregivers, entrusted with lives beyond their own, should ideally join the 40 percent of Americans who have crafted a will or other estate-planning document. Yet, even the most meticulously prepared estate plan requires periodic review to ensure alignment with life’s twists and turns.

Here are five critical life events necessitating a review of your estate plan:

1) Birth or adoption: Welcoming a new child requires updating your will to designate guardianship. Consider establishing trusts for children or grandchildren to manage assets effectively.

2) Marital status change: Whether marrying, divorcing, or remarrying, ensure your estate plan reflects your current wishes including beneficiary designations for IRAs and life-insurance policies.

3) Financial change: Significant financial changes, like inheritances or asset acquisitions, warrant revisiting your estate plan. Aging and retirement may also necessitate adjustments.

4) Illness or disability: Family members’ health challenges may prompt establishing trusts or powers of attorney for financial and healthcare decisions.

5) Death: Loss within the family may require updates to wills, trusts, or appointed roles.

If three years have elapsed since you last reviewed your estate plan, or any of these life events have occurred, consult an estate-planning attorney for a thorough review.

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