Six Essential Inquiries to Make Before Selecting a Facility

The process of choosing a nursing home has evolved beyond relying solely on one’s sense of smell. Staff Turnover Rate: Nurse’s aides play a vital role in care, so it’s essential to inquire about turnover rates. High turnover can indicate potential issues with staffing and continuity of care. Make sure these six questions are asked:

1. Physician Involvement: Determine if the patient’s doctor serves the facility. Continuity of care with a familiar physician can lead to better treatment outcomes.

2. Recreation and Social Services: Nonprofit facilities often offer more comprehensive recreation and social services. Look for certified professionals and adequate equipment for rehabilitation and therapy programs.

3. Nursing Staff Reputation: Research the facility’s track record with the state’s board of public health and consult with a nursing home ombudsman to learn about any past problems or citations.

4. Accreditation: While not mandatory, accreditation demonstrates a commitment to meeting quality standards set by organizations like The Joint Commission, indicating higher levels of care.

5. Environmental Considerations: Assess the overall environment, including factors like room amenities, cultural sensitivity, and whether the facility prioritizes staff or patient needs.

In addition to these inquiries, seniors, especially those of Jewish heritage, may face unique challenges when transitioning to elder-care communities. Organizations like the Jewish Pavilion provide essential resources and support to maintain cultural connections and promote inclusion among residents.

For further assistance navigating elder-care options and addressing caregiver stress, services like the Orlando Senior Help Desk offer valuable guidance and support.

By asking these critical questions and seeking out supportive resources, individuals can make informed decisions when selecting a nursing home for themselves or their loved one.